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     I 'm a commercial photographer with a passion to capture beautiful images.  I have been shooting since I was a kid and professionally since 2009.  Born in Denver Colorado I love to be outdoors! Whether on the beach, hiking the Rockies or exploring new cities or trails with my wife and girls, I am extremely passionate about experiencing new places and cultures​.

     I am traditionally a still photographer who was introduced to the world of DSLR HD video while I was in grad school at Portfolio Center in Atlanta, GA.    I currently capture still photography as well as produce and direct video projects filmed in up to 8K for a wide variety of clients.   I specialize in creating content for businesses who are seeking to improve the image quality of their websites, advertising and or marketing efforts.  I have the equipment and ability to produce, capture and edit myself, and I have the resources to assemble a team of top notch professionals to handle larger projects like commercial or film work.  I also personally hold a current drone pilots' license and a TWIC card that allow for more seamless access to capture on industrial properties with those restrictions.

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